A mind unleashed creates success unimaginable
A mind unleashed creates success unimaginable

Ready, Set, Go!


Ready, Set, Go!

Middle School Initiative

The "Ready, Set, Go!" middle school initiative is offered for grades 6-8. The middle school initiative is a year long program that builds as the students progresses through middle school and into high school. During this year long program, students will have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and mentors, as well as grow professionally. Students will also have an opportunity to receive a stipend through the Summer "Keep It Moving" Initiative.  


Individual and Group Project

Throughout the school year students will be tasked with completing individual and group projects that are uniquely designed by the student, with the help of UBM mentors, around topics they want to learn more about and explore. We encourage students to really think outside the box and discover their interests and passions. 

Super Saturdays

UBM prides itself on making sure students are involved with the community in which they live in. We want to expose students to new and unique opportunities while giving them the opportunity to learn more about their community. There will be a multitude of Saturdays where students will be able to interact with various community organizations and community leaders.



Summer "Keep It Moving" Initiative

UBM understands the importance of keeping students active during the summer to keep them out of trouble and on the path to success. UBM will be partnering with local businesses and community organizations to give UBM fellows paid work opportunities durning the summer. Students will be paired with a business or organization that most aligns with their interest and possible career aspirations.